E-Waste Recovery Systems

Waste electronic materials include precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Copper and other base metals. This kind of business called “Urban Mining” last years. Because in the ore there are gold materials around 3-10 gram per ton but in the e-waste depends on material quality can find more than 400 gram per ton. With gold mineral, also can recovery copper, silver and palladium.  Therefore, the most important business area is an e-waste field.

Process Machine Company present E-Waste recycling and refining solutions as a turn-key. Our company can provide until 10 ton per day E-waste recycling and refining system.

–           Single or Double Shaft Shredder System

–           Crusher and Separation Systems

–           Induction Furnace System and Casting System

–           Rotary (Fuel-Oil) Melting System

–           Electrolysis System For Copper and Silver

–           Refining System For Precious Metals

–           Centrifuge Unit

–           Waste Treatment System

–           Dust Collector System

–           Chiller and Cooling System

Single and Double Shaft Shredder System

The shredder system of Process Machine Company is using for reach high capacity e-waste process capability. Because before feeding to Crusher or Micronizer unit size of e-waste material should decrease until available size.

Crusher and Separation Systems

Crusher and Separation Systems used for reducing e-waste materials size. During crushing operation, e-waste material reduced separation size. This process is very critical because of gold, copper and other precious materials in the layers. If crushing process not completed in the well the losing of goes to high.

Induction Furnace System and Casting System

The third step is melting operation. This step has also very important points. Because some impurities come from e-waste material such as Sn and Pb. Those metals accepted as impurities because during electrolysis operation they can block the system. Therefore, should reduce the percentage of those metals until non-blocked number for electrolysis system.

Induction furnace of Process Machine Company is working automatically. Temperature setting screen, temperature control system, hydraulic cover and hydraulic tilting, automatically shutdown system if the cooling system is not working, frequency mixing system and so on.

Casting system is an auxiliary equipment for electrolysis system. Because must prepare anodes for starting to electrolysis system. The ingot should prepare available size. Dimension, thickness, and surface quality are very critical for starting and completing the electrolysis process.

Rotary (Fuel-Oil) Melting Furnace

The Rotary Melting Furnace is offered for materials which involve high impurities should be removed such as Al, Sn, Pb etc. This furnace is using fuel-oil as a fuel.

Electrolysis System For Copper and Silver

Electrolysis System is a necessary process for pure (99,99%) Copper and Silver. Electrolysis system pool dimensions, the voltage value of the electrolysis process, electrolysis solution concentration, chemicals of the process, temperature of the solution must be selected and screened carefully.

Electrolysis System Features;

–           Automatically Temperature Control System,

–           Stainless Steel (316L) Heaters

–           Most Effective Circulation Pumps

–           Crane System

–           Filter Press (Collect Precious Metal Sludges After Electrolysis)

Refining System Of Precious Metals

This machinery can use for gold, silver plated materials and sludge which obtained after electrolysis process. The type of reactors choosing the process types. Directly fire heater, directly electricity heater or in-direct electricity heater may use on the reactor for warming up the acids.

Refining System Features;

–           Automatically Acid Feeding

–           Stainless Steel, Titanium or PP Reactor

–           Reactor Turning Speed Setting

–           Process Time Setting Screen

–           Process Temperature Setting and Controlling

–           Vacuum Transfer System

–           Air Mixing System

–           Wheel Filter Units

–           Waste Air Treatment System

Centrifuge Unit

Precious metals will obtain after refining operations. The refining system has also filter units but if clients want to take precious metals in short time we offered centrifuge system. This unit can separate 2 kg precious metals from solution in 10 min.

Waste Treatment Systems

Visit Our Waste Treatment System Page

Dust Collector System

Crushing and melting operations can release dust. Due to this operation, we have to use a dust collector system for blocking any environmental problem. On the other hand, during melting operation, the induction system will reach around 1200 Celsius degree for melt copper and precious metals and remove impurities such as Lead, Tin etc. Lead and tin will be catching by dust collector system. The dust collector system has a self-cleaning system.

Easy changing the bags of the dust collector, easily collect lead and tin and other dust, reduce operational cost such us electricity, maintenance costs etc.

Chiller and Cooling System

Chiller and cooling systems are using for chemical refining unit and melting operation unit. During chemical operation will occur vapor of liquid chemicals. For blocking and condense this vapor should be located a cooling unit.

Another location for chiller system is smelting and melting operation sides. Also during casting operation must be used for cool down the anodes.

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