Gold / Silver Refining Systems

Refining System is designed for mainly jewellery industry and aimed for zero loss, low operation cost and high purity results. Proses Makina’s Gold/Silver Refining Systems have developed with its long time experience. Refining System has its own air treatment system, sedimentation tanks, titanium reactor, chemical reserve tanks and neutralization units. System works under vacuum with full safety conditions.

Aqua regia refining system is available for refining;

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • Rhodium

metals with high purity

Proses Makina producing machinery and equipments for jewellery industry as;

  • Aqua Regia Refining System
  • Waste Water Neutralization System
  • Assay / Carat Control Unit
  • XRF Analyser
  • Decanter Centrifuge
  • Induction Furnace
  • Granulation Unit
  • Gold Bar Casting System
  • Chemical Brightening System
  • All your needs about jewellery

Proses Makina produced with EU standards its highly efficient machines. Its provide clean air discharge and clean water in accordance with environmental regulations.

Product Photos