Waste Treatment Systems

In Proses Makina Company has product list there is pollution control systems for waste liquids, hazardaous fumes and  solid wastes. Proses Makina Company ensure that your wastes are treated for to be neutralize. In this context, waste gas neutralization and waste water neutralization systems are available.

Waste Water Neutralization Systems

Waste water that comes from any chemical process and should not be charged directly to the drain is cleaned with waste water neutralization systems.

pH Neutralization System

Waste acid or base will come from Electrolysis or Refining operations. Moreover Proses Makina Company  supply  waste water treatment system with sold system. When treatment system neutralized the waste liquid, The waste water should be dischargeable water.

pH Neutralization Features;

  • Automatically pH Control System,
  • Automatically Acid/Base Feeding System for Reach pH 7-8
  • Filter Press System
  • Chemical Preparation Tanks
  • Gradual Sedimentation Operation

Wet Scrubber for Pollution Control (Waste Gas Scrubber Systems)

The gases pollutant removal takes place through a washing tower system by means of liquid for catching pollutants. The pollutant gas passes through a washing tower and particles with greater than 1mm in diameter that impact water droplets or wet surfaces generates the absorption process. A liquid detains small particles by absorption that is the selective passage of one or more gaseous components into liquid phase. The liquid that has pollutant is incorporating and then recovered on the bottom of the washing towers and treated.

Absorption liquids are selected according to the gaseous mixture to be recovered. When designing an absorption plant particular attention will have to be dedicated to the type the and quantity of the substances present in the gaseous stream, also to the absorbing liquid and to the surfaces and liquid-gas contact duration.

Proses Makina Company designs and manufactures absorption plants with high recovery rates and characterized by a particularly fast investment payback.

Waste Gas Scrubber System Applications;

  • Chemical Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Oxidizers Fumes Treatment
  • Textile Industry

Chemical Washing Towers

Liquid-pollutant contact time will have to be sufficiently long so as to allow the pollutant’s dissolution within the liquid or the chemical reaction among the reagents.

Such reactions can take as long as tens of seconds. Pollutant-liquid contact must accordingly be extended; this is achieved through washing towers adopting special geometries or devices.

Proses Makina Company designs and manufactures  automatization towers, plates or packed elementel towers. Our company’s washing towers can reach high efficiency level.

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