Waste Gas Treatment

Mining ,metallurgical and recycling metal  industries cause extreme devastation of both continental and aquatic environments on a local and regional scale. Therefore aim of Proses Makina Company protects human healty and decreas harm enviromental impact . In this article, the application and treatment methods of waste gas treatment  industry are mention.

This system is also known as that a wet scrubber removes hazardaous fumes during chemical operation for e-waste, catalytic converter, rare metals and jewelry fields.

What are Wet Scrubbers?

Wet scrubbers can be used to remove causing compounds, hazardous and corrosive chemicals, along with soluble and insoluble particulates before they exhaust to the atmosphere or continue on for further processing. These scrubbers provide both particulate collection and control of acid gas. The most commonly is used as packed and tray column scrubber.

Packed Tower Scrubbers

Packed tower scrubbers are designed to chemically remove contaminants from gas streams. Packaged tower washers can be designed to handle a wide variety of airflows and can be made of a variety of materials. Packaged tower systems, when properly designed, can successfully vent harmful, toxic gas streams and return clean air to the atmosphere.

Tray Column Scrubbers

The systems include of several perforated trays in a vertical cylindrical tower. As the liquid flows horizontally through the trays, gas flows through the tray holes at high speed, creating a foaming effect where gas absorption takes place. The liquid then flows through the downstream pipes into the lower trays. The number of trays may vary depending on the application and efficiency required.

Wet Scrubber systems include :

  1. Scrubbing vessel
  2. Pumping
  3. Ductwork and fan system
  4. Spent scrubbing liquid treatment
  5. Mist eliminator
  6. Exhaust stack

As Proses Makina Team, overcomes all difficulties caused harmful fume that coming in chemical operation from E-waste, catalytic converter, jewelry, rare metals recycling and refining system with washing tower. Proses makina presents chemical Scrubbers (Gas Scrubbers) that are specifically designed to remove type of gas pollutants depending on the customer’s needs.

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