PGM & PM Refining Systems

Proses Makina Company present Chemical Refining and Recovery Systems for Precious Metals and Rare Metals. As everyone knows, Precious Metals means, gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium etc. All of this metals easy to recover from any source such as E-waste, Spent Catalyst, Jewellery, Ore, Waste liquid or solid etc. We provide to our customers fully automatic system for Jewellery area.

Rare metals are another important field for metal recycling and recovery areas. Our company completed Cobalt and Molybdenum Recovery System as well as Tantalum and Niobium Recovery System. Moreover, we have experience in Iridium, Indium, Ruthenium fields etc.

Precious Metal Refining System

Proses Makina Company has experienced since 2010 regarding precious metals. Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, Copper and other precious metals recycling, recovery and refining systems can provide by us. We provide turnkey service to our customers. Recovered metals can obtained in powder, metal or other chemical forms.

Refining Unit For Low Carats Gold Materials

Low carats gold materials come from Jewellery markets. Scrap jewellery materials may involve 8 carats of gold and silver, copper etc. metals. The residence time of reaction is 3-6 hours (depends on the amount of material). Hazardous fume catch system, controlled addition of reaction chemicals and other system controls can avoid any more NOx gas.Based on the needs of the customer is possible to create a customized systems, with suitable characteristics to the process required.

Aqua Regia Gold Refining

Experienced engineer team is developing more effective technology and present tumbler machine for gold refining system. Our solutions are provide more lifetime, short reaction time and reaching the end point of reaction chain in 4 hours  with kind of PP, Titanium and Stainless Steel reactor.

Tumbler reactor feature;

  • Speed Control System
  • Automatic Dosing System
  • Directy or Indirecty Electricity or Fire Heating Capability

Silver Refining Process

The silver refining process is chemical and realized by specific steps using solvent (base chemical) chemical as a reagent. This type of chemical has a low pollution impact. Our system has also 2 gradual neutralization system for fume which comes during the reaction.The chemical can contact each material and the material can solve in short time thanks to tumbler reactor system that located at a specific angle for homogenization. The reaction time of silver refining is between 3,5-4 hours. The above  system can be customized depends on request of the customer. The photos submitted are just one example of the many possible system solutions.

Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium Refining Plant

Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium metals are more important for catalytic converter and catalyst industries. This kind of precious metals can  also recover from spent catalyst, end of life catalytic converters or metal alloys. Chemical operation conditions, type of chemicals and also reaction time of refining process depends on the material.

Our company presents PP, Titanium, Stainless Steel and Static Glass kind of reactors. Demands of the customer is possible to create a specifical plant with suitable characteristics to the process required.

Wheel Filter Equipment

This equipment selling by our company for filtration of liquid solutions which involves solid or powder that has body filter and made by PP, four wheels for moving easy, diaphram pump for sucking and transfering the solution.

Vacuum Generator

Vacuum generator can use liquid ring vacuum pump or centrifuge pump according to customer demand.

The tank has fitted with a level control pipe and temperature control thermocouple for keeping stabil water temperature.

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