Jewellery Machines

Proses Makina Company has several solutions for jewelry recycling and refining according to clients demands. With each solution, we are giving axuillary equipment such as Assay Control System, Centrifuge System, Liquid Neutralization Unit, Induction Melting Unit.

During chemical operation (any kind of process) occur hazardous fume and acid loading or discharge also can a problem. But our system has a control system, vacuum transfer system, the screening panel, emergency stopping button, process temperature and residence time control panel.

Process your materials under safe conditions and no-touch to chemicals.

What are Our Solutions?

– Cupellation Process

– Electrolytic Refining Process

– Aqua Regia Process

– Nitric Acid Process

– Chemical Brightening (Bombing)

Cupellation Process

This process is using for removing impurities by powder lead. Actually, this is a pyrometallurgical method. Precious metals mixed with lead powder then heat until 1100-1200 Celsius degree. Cupellation operation completed when impurities remove and precious metals collect bottom of the crucible.

After this operation, all precious metals can recovery separately easily via the chemical operation.

Electrolytic Refining Process

This process is using for obtaining ultra pure precious metals such as 99,999 Gold and 99,99 Silver etc. Under proper process conditions, the electrons of precious metals go to cathode from anode. By this way, impurities can remove from the precious metals. Many refineries are using this kind of process for reaching high purity Copper, Gold, Silver. Proses Makina Company present to client electrolysis system which has a self control system, low electricity consumption, easy waste water discharge, control panel.

Aqua Regia Process

 Aqua Regia process is a traditional process for jewelry material. Some companies cannot give a solution for silver content jewelry which has over %10 silver. Our company has a solution for each type of jewelry material. From low carat to high carat can give a solution under our company. Another advantage of Proses Makina, we are making the custom design according to client demand. We can change the process steps, type of production material and equipment.

Nitric Acid Process

 The nitric acid process is using mostly to recover silver and copper metals. Because those metals may solve in the nitric acid very easy. After solving in the acid, sedimentation, converting of powder to precious metals, neutralization, melting and purity processes play parts of this process. Refining and recycling process machinery are working closed loop and safe.

Chemical Brightening (Bombing)

Chemical Brightening Systems are based on the process of shining jewelery products by reacting with chemicals. The dense fume that comes out when the products react with chemicals is kept by the hood before it spreads to the environment and creates a safe working environment.

In our system, in order not to lose the precious metals dissolved during the process, there is a storage tank for recovery.

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