Induction Melting Systems


Process Machine Company can supply also induction melting furnace for clients who work in jewellery, mining, e-waste, catalytic converter, spent catalyst etc. areas.

Metal alloys, refined metals, for grain production may use our induction furnace systems. With frequency converter temperature can reach all around the crucible. By this way, melting process can occur and can be completed in a healthy way.

Features of Induction Furnace;

  • Different type of crucible such as graphite, silicon carbide etc. can use in our melting furnace.
  • Our melting furnace can control all steps with temperature control mechanism
  • The furnace can set temperature and power according to the type of metals.
  • If cause any problem on the cooling system the furnace automatic turn-off function will start for protecting the system.
  • The crucible can take out by the manual system, tilting by hydraulic tilting or handwheel.

Some of induction furnaces features can find below


This kind of furnace can use to melt metals such as precious metal alloys and ashes. The crucibles able to melt 6 kg to 100 kg metal alloys and able to melt 23 kg to 250 kg of ashes.

Melting operation takes around 2 hours for complete first melting operation.  The time of operation can be less than or more than 2 hours. It depends on material also.

Other Features;

  • Can work with propane or methane (there is flame detector)
  • Automatic starting and shutdown
  • System viewing screen
  • Remote control panel system to operate temperature and tilting operation.

Casting Unit

Process Machine Company gives solution for each step of precious metal recycling and refining. One of those, casting unit system.


  • Making copper anode for prepare electrolysis system,
  • Make ingot for selling direct market (with stamp),
  • Create a useful storage area
  • Transport your metal ingot without paying money (transportation benefits)

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