Induction Melting Systems

Induction consists of bobbin made of conductive material. As current flows through the bobbin, it creates a magnetic field in and around the bobbin. In our systems, induction furnaces are used to melt metals such as gold, silver, copper, palladium and platinum in the magnetic field. The melted metals are poured into the mold.

Features of Induction Furnace;

  • Different type of crucible such as graphite, silicon carbide etc. can use in our melting furnace.
  • Our melting furnace can control all steps with temperature control mechanism.
  • The furnace can set temperature and power according to the type of metals.
  • If cause any problem on the cooling system the furnace automatic turn-off function will start for protecting the system.
  • The crucible can take out by the manual system, tilting by hydraulic tilting or handwheel.

Advantages of Induction Furnace;

  • Melting of metals occurs in a short time.
  • Instead of heating the entire piece, the desired parts of the surface can be heated.
  • Power is used for heating only when needed.
  • No need to maintain oven temperature continuously.
  • The temperature control of the oven is very easy and fast.

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