Importance of REE

REEs Importance

Rare Earth Elements have a wide range of uses such as catalysts, ceramics, magnets, glass and polishing, phosphors, metallurgical alloys and others. Catalytic converters, batteries, magnets, capacitors, fluorescent lamps, sensors are common materials that we frequently encounter in our daily lives. They contain rare earths and therefore should be seen as a secondary source of rare earths. When recycling these end-of-life materials, the rare earth elements that they contain must also be recovered. Their availability is critical as they can only be mined in a few countries. However, considering the usage areas of rare earth elements, they are present in every country in the materials they are found in. So demands of rare earth elements must be supply by recovery.

REEs as an Economic Value

Rare earth metals recovery is necessary for environmentally and economically. Rare earth metals prices are already expensive nowadays and increasing day by day. Plus, in the future their demands will raise rapidly and exponentially.

As its shown below, rare earth oxides prices generally in an increasing situation. Although, it only shows prices that between 2016-2017 years, REEs or REOs are more expensive now. Therefore, it has become more important and valuable by increasing its demands.

Rare Earth Oxide Prices

Recovery of REE from Secondary Sources

REEs recycling from scraps such as catalytic converter, NdFeB magnets, wind turbines, fluorescents, spent catalysts, etc. and mining production of REEs are complex. Physical and chemical processes are both necessary to recovery and production. The process steps are detailed according to the material to be recycled, but the main steps are as follows;

Main steps are including special process design by Proses Makina Company to recover REEs as requested from its customer. After all process, REO or raw material for production are obtained. Proses Makina Company has all equipment and machinery for industrial recovery plant or primary production from mining plant. 

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