E-Waste Recycling Systems

Proses Makina is producing recycling plants for electronical wastes depends on your capacity. Our recycling process is most efficiently and high purity system on market. System designed with 2 steps with Physical Treatment, Pyrometallurgical Treatment and Chemical Treatment.

Physical Treatment System;

  • Shredders and Crushers; System designed for reduce particule diameters of raw materials and separate impurities. System is providing Shredders, Crushers, Separators and Conveyor Lines. Pre-treatment unit with designed to aim zero-loses. System has a vacuum transfer unit and avoid any loses and environmental effects.

Pyrometallurgical Treatment

  • Melting Oven; Melting unit aim to remove lead and tin from precious metals. It can reach 2000 0C. System designed for the recovery and refining of precious metals. Also system widely uses treatment of gold and silver from ashes of jewellery scraps. System has its own air treatment system with jet-pulse unit.
  • Mold Casting Unit; System designed for producing anodes for electrolysis unit. System has its own pre-heating system with molds. Machine has low-cost operation and maintenances

Chemical Treatment;

  • Electrolysis Unit; Process cells and power adjustment units provides high purity copper and silver is recovers at this step. System has chemical preparation tanks and sludge filtration units. System designed as smokeless production.
  • Chemical Refining Unit; Proses Makina also provides technical training on chemical processes necessary to produce high purity gold, silver, palladium and platinum. System designed with air treatment unit and works with safety conditions.
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant; After chemical operation, waste waters come to neutralization. System designed as chemical package treatment unit with one operation control board. Waste water is treated as acceptable drain parameters.


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