Catalytic Converter Systems

Catalytic Converter is using in vehicle exahaust system for treat hazardaous fumes. This conversion reaction providing by Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium metals. Those metals should recover from the catalytic converter when vehicle completed life of its time time.

Process Makina Company providing 3 different decanning system and high recovery rate chemical operation system. The chemical operation of Proses Makina Company has designing Low temperature without pressure with less reaction time. Operation has 2 different steps as Phisical Seperation and Chemical Operation.

Physical Separation

  • Decaning Unit
  • Vacuum Transfer Unit
  • Double Cone Mixer

Chemical Operation

  • Roasting oven
  • Leaching Unit
  • Refining System
  • Melting Furnances

Waste Water Treatment System

Proses Makina provides Turn-Key solution and process consultantion on your process. Allways carriying to make more efficiency operations with user friendly machine designs.