Catalytic Converter Systems

The Catalytic Converter is using in vehicle exahaust system for convert hazardaous füme to non-hazardaous gas such as nitrogen and water. This conversion reaction forwarding by Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium metals. Those metals should recover from the catalytic converter when vehicle completed life of time.

Process Machine Company give support to customer with 3 different decanning systems and high recovery rate chemical operation system. The chemical operation of Process Machine Company has not working under high temperature and high pressure. Low temperature, without pressure and less reaction time!

Recovery Rate Of Pt > 98

Recovery Rate Of Pd > 98,1

Recovery Rate Of Rh > 97,3

End of process Pt and Pd can obtain in powder form or metal form. After melting operation, Pt and Pd metal powders will turn to metal in 995/1000 purity.

Rhodium metal is obtaining in powder form after the chemical operation.

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