Assay / Carat Control System

Cupellation Furnace

Cupellation furnace is using for removing all non-precious metals to detect exactly precious metal carat.
Our cupellation furnaces have several control mechanism and features for the increased life of furnace and resistance. Some of those, silicon carbide resistances (obtain for high power), stainless steel structure, insulated walls for keeping heat and block heat transfer to outside. Also, the electrical control panel is working to avoid personal mistakes and checking the temperature on each phase.

If some problems cause on the furnace such as heat transfer to inside the furnace, the cooling system will protect until cooldown.

There are several kinds of furnaces for small, medium or big capacity clients..

XRF Portable Analyzer

The XRF analyzer can detect material quality very quick. High-throughput, spectrochemical analysis capability, testing of wide range of metals and other materials such as ash, catalytic converter, ore etc.
In metal fields, carat or assay control very important to understand quality of metals or materials. on-site detection can gives support all around the World.

Assay Control and Separation Hood

The Assay Control and Separation hood, through the use of acids, is used to separate the precious metals contained in a sample of alloy in order to make a prior analysis of the material and decide the most suitable working process.

This is composed of:

  • Polypropylene hood with stainless steel supporting frame
  • Two multiple assaying plants, one for HNO3 at 22 Bé and the other at 32 Bé, able to contain, in a quartz container, n°24 assays at a time.
    The plants are made entirely in pirex glass and fitted with a vapour condenser, heaters and 1200 W power changer.
  • One 1700 W electric pit oven with changeable power, having six places for beakers. The voltage for heating acids in beakers is variable

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